Keep your family safe online.

enclayve is social media in a device
you own and keep at home.

It isolates your social media content from the cloud.
Absolutely no one but you can see it or share it.

Safe. Simple.
Completely Yours.
Absolutely Private.
(even enclayve itself cannot access your content)

meet the enclayve Block

No Ads

No Fake Users

No Fake Data

No Tracking

No Unsolicited Contacts

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As seen in:

enclayve is...
Your hardware
Your data
Your terms

You currently use social media services – they own the network and own your data.  You’ve agreed to their usage terms, giving up your right to privacy.  enclayve is a product you own, so it is your network, your data, and your terms.

enclayve Block

A small device you keep at home that stores your social media data.

enclayve App

A complete social media app that works with one or more enclayve Blocks.
"Actual privacy
is possible only when you have physical possession of your data. Period."

— Dave Chura, Founder of enclayve

Ultimate privacy for your family.

Every picture and video of you, your children and your friends are stored safely on your enclavye device at your home. You physically have control over your data.