About Us.

enclayve was founded in 2020 to make privacy a reality in social media. The motivation to start the company came directly from the Congressional testimony of the Facebook CEO. That testimony made it clear that social media services like Facebook will never stop collecting data on you and that even well-intentioned legislators will fail to prevent that collection. It was apparent that the only way forward for consumers would be to protect themselves. However, consumers have little ability to do so, and must agree to terms that make any data collection and tracking legal.

But enclayve’s founder, Dave Chura had this radical idea:

what if you were the owner of your social network? 

Then… you would set the terms and you would have exclusive ownership of your data. You would have no need for advertising, no need for data collection or tracking, and nothing would be fake. You would know exactly where your data was at all times.

It would be absolutely private.

Could something like that be built and would it be a viable business?

That is the enclayve breakthrough! Dave believed that the technology needed for a complete social network could be built directly into a small device and that the device could reside in consumer’s homes, leveraging their Internet connections. He also knew that appropriate inexpensive hardware would be readily available and support a profitable business at a $99 price point. With that device, every family could afford to own their own social network, own their data, and take charge of their privacy.

Over the next year, the enclayve Block and App were created and many technical challenges were uncovered and solved. The resulting system embeds many networking, cryptography, cyber and mobile app technologies into a truly unique product. It includes many trade secrets  where the technology spans computing hardware, software written in five different languages, and ethernet, WiFi, and bluetooth networks.

enclayve has a clear vision.

We imagine a future where everyone owns their own social network and their data. This is a world where there are millions of independent social networks, each of which can be connected and disconnected through explicit invitations. The result is a massive network-of-networks that protects individual privacy and yet supports trusted sharing. This network-of-networks is virtually immune to large data leaks that are common with massive centralized services such as Facebook and others.

Right now, you can have your private enclayve network and still be on Facebook, Instagram and any others. You now have a choice! You can keep some things private (like pictures of you children) and you can still post things in public networks (like your cat playing pain), and you can post on both! Social media on enclayve is an effortless and smooth experience, free from ads, fake posts, and unsolicited contacts. We truly believe everyone will eventually find this is what they want from social media.

enclayve Founder

Dave is a technologist with over 30 years of experience, having held the CTO position in successful startup ventures, as well as being named a Technical Fellow in a very large public company. His startup ventures have resulted in an IPO and acquisition. Dave has over a dozen patents in networking, databases, compression as well as is recognized expert in distributed systems. He has developed mobile apps delivered to 100’s of thousands of users.