Why Privacy Matters

How does privacy in social media affect you?

Social media is awesome! I can’t live without it.

We agree, it’s a great way to share your life with friends and family. Everyone and every group or club wants to use social media to connect with each other.

So, why isn’t it private when our settings at set to ‘private’?

Your privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are useless!

No matter what you’ve set, you have explictly agreed to licensing terms that give these services legal access everything you post, your location, your browsing activity, and even your phone calls. Furthermore, technologies such as Face Recognition and Artificial Intelligence make it possible to track even your children or friends that don’t have accounts on these services.

There is simply no limit to what can be done when everything you do, everywhere you go, and everything you say is analyzed – this can and will result ever-increasing amounts of questionable ads, misinformation, and inappropriate contact with you, your family and friends, all for the sake of profit.

The truth is that you don’t control who has your data, so there is no limit to what financial, social and criminal uses are possible with it. Since it is impossible to tell what is real, you and your children won’t know they are being targeted.

And just as bad, every one of these companies have leaked millions of user’s data and will likely do so again.

Popular platforms may seem free but there is a hidden cost.

Free is good. Free works. Those same words were said of greed.

It’s true that most people will not be harmed, most people will not be victims of identity theft, most children won’t have inappropriate contact on social media, and most people will not be harassed… but it will happen. Will it happen to you or your children?

enclayve has a solution!

The enclayve Block is owned by you and stores your data. You now have the choice to keep some things private on your enclayve Block and share some things publically on Facebook.

Or… simply read posts on Facebook and create posts only on your enclayve network


Aren’t privacy laws going to fix all this?

The European Union and the State of California, amongst other governments are trying to address the problem.

Why isn’t this good enough for me?

It is very optimistic to believe laws will protect you or your family specifically, even though some companies will be fined.

This is an unfortunate state of where we are today. Most laws focus on disclosure – that is, telling you what data is collected. This changes nothing about the operation of social media companies and you’ll never read those disclosures anyway. Furthermore, Facebook has several times admitted they violated their own terms and you are the actual victim.

Some laws require the ability to delete data upon request. Unfortunately, the operation of a Facebook (or other service) is so complex and requires so many people to function that it is not humanly possible to ever know where your data is stored and how is has been used. Because of that, not even Facebook can delete your data and prove it has been deleted. Facebook leaked millions of phone numbers just beacuse one employee copied a huge database and didn’t give it a password. This is incompetence that can’t fixed by law.

Companies will never invest in the vast re-building of their system just to limit their revenue potential. Lawmakers will never be able to define the word ‘data’ to adequately protect you. There is vast amounts of ‘data’ produced by facial recognition and AI that is NOT owned by you, is proprietary to the companies, and so will never be disclosed or deleted.